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12-12-19 10:26 AM

Play Crazy Taxi Online DC Game Rom - Sega Dreamcast Emulation - Playable on Crazy Taxi (DC)

Play Crazy Taxi online with Sega Dreamcast browser emulation for free! Crazy Taxi (DC) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi Title ScreenCrazy Taxi Screenshot 1Crazy Taxi Box Art FrontCrazy Taxi Box Art BackCrazy Taxi Screenthot 2
Rating: 9 (49 votes)
Plays: 29,237 M:99% F:1%
Filesize: 110,807kb

Videos of Crazy Taxi Gameplay

11-19-16 08:16 PM
00:01:43  Views: 81
Crazy Taxi - GamePlay - User video4.8/5 GamePlay
04-29-15 09:46 PM
01:26:04  Views: 1,156
Crazy Taxi - Vizzed Highscore Competition ( 3 ) - User video4.7/5
Vizzed Highscore Competition ( 3 )
04-08-15 07:24 PM
00:46:18  Views: 412
Crazy Taxi - Vizzed Highscore Competition - User video4.7/5
Vizzed Highscore Competition
04-18-15 11:41 PM
01:16:02  Views: 87
Crazy Taxi - Vizzed Highscore Competition ( 2 ) - User video4.6/5
Vizzed Highscore Competition ( 2 )
04-01-15 08:29 PM
00:01:44  Views: 69,291
Crazy Taxi - Theme Song (All I want by Offspring) - User video4.5/5
Theme Song (All I want by Offspring)
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Crazy Taxi Game Description

Crazy Taxi is an arcade-like racer where the player takes the role of a taxi driver who weaves his way through crowded streets, across sidewalks and even under water, in a wild and frantic race to deliver passengers on time. The courses are largely set inside cities crowded with general traffic and pedestrians (which can't be run over, they dive away). The main goal is to bring as many customers as possible to their destination in time. Available customers are marked through circles and the colour represents the distance and the fare they offer. Green means long rides with plenty of money, and red ones are very short. In the main Arcade mode there is a timer that quickly runs down. It can be replenished by picking up customers. While driving reckless maneuvers are encouraged. Players can disregard all traffic rules and customers give extra tips for speedy and dangerous driving, but these can only be cashed when the customer arrives at his destination in time. By the same token the reward at the end of a ride is based on the amount of time left, as each customer also has a personal timer. The city is filled with slopes and jumps, and the game uses a very loose driving model. No damage can be done to the car, so driving as fast as possible is encouraged. While driving players can toy with the gears to perform two special tricks: a crazy drift and a crazy boost to speed up more quickly.Next to the Arcade mode there is an Original mode, and Crazy Box where specific goals need to be met on closed down courses. In the regular modes it is possible to disregard the usual timer and play for a fixed amount of minutes. At the end of the race the player is rewarded with a license, either D, C, B or A, with S for an outstanding performance. Next to the interactive courses from the arcade version there is a new course for home consoles. There are four cabs and drivers to choose from. The cars have different statistics and the drivers different attitudes while racing. The game has a soundtrack featuring The Offspring and Bad Religion (not for the Xbox 360 version).

Crazy Taxi Reviews

Overall 9    Graphics 9    Sound 7.7    Addictive 7.7    Story 4.7    Depth 9    Difficulty 9

This game in particular...   DragonSlayer22
This game, I had this game growing up on my GAME CUBE, not on my Dream cast, but they are still the...
  Graphics 8   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Story 2   Depth 7   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3.4/5     Submitted: 10-25-16     Review Replies: 1

Crazy Taxi Highscores

1. 71,944
TimeTrial: 01:42:37
05-23-15 12:23 AM
Crazy Taxi -  - User Screenshot
2. 64,534
TimeTrial: 01:49:26
04-29-15 10:14 PM
Crazy Taxi - Done! - User Screenshot
3. 63,157
TimeTrial: 06:32:36
04-30-15 03:53 AM
Crazy Taxi - Screw this crap. - User Screenshot
Screw this crap.
4. 13,674
TimeTrial: 00:30:54
04-20-15 03:12 PM
Crazy Taxi - My best so far... - User Screenshot
My best so far...
5. 11,570
TimeTrial: 00:23:16
04-06-15 10:07 PM
Crazy Taxi - I is not a newb!!! - User Screenshot
I is not a newb!!!
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Crazy Taxi Cheat Codes

Expert Mode

L+R+START on Port A when Driver Select screen is loading

No Arrows

R+START on Port A when Driver Select screen is loading

No Destination Marks

L+START on Port A when Driver Select screen is loading

Pedestrian View

START+B on Port C during gameplay


START+X, X, X, X, and X on Port C during gameplay

Taxi Bike

L+R, L+R, L+R, and A on Driver Select screen

Crazy Taxi Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Crazy Taxi

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Game Characters in Crazy Taxi

Comments for Crazy Taxi

tRIUNE 07-22-18 - 10:50 PM
 It might not work with Win 10 though so maybe an x360 gamepad
tRIUNE 07-22-18 - 10:45 PM
 @AwesomeGamer100: The Logitech F310 is compatible with all games in the RGR:
TheFadedWarrior 07-20-18 - 03:01 PM
AwesomeGamer100 07-04-18 - 06:44 PM
 Which controller should use for the dreamcast games?
sonikku 04-24-15 - 08:44 PM
 There are patterns that can help you determine where a customer is going. Some can send you backwards even if the pattern is correct for it, others will send you backwards no matter what.
jerryaberry 04-24-15 - 10:31 AM
 Obviously some customers change colors and that affects their destinations. I really get messed up when colors do not change but destinations do. Possible random? If so, a lucky game is also essential.
jerryaberry 04-24-15 - 10:27 AM
 Worth noting that Camtasia comes with a 30 day trial. More than enough time to use it for this competition. Unfortunately, I'm starting a road-trip today so I may not get another run in.
jerryaberry 04-20-15 - 01:05 PM
 I do like 32 NOD, I use to have it on my old laptop that crashed. Good to hear that Norton does have issues though (it's not just me).
dragonslayer444 04-16-15 - 01:46 PM
 Jerry your girlfriend really needs to think about better security software sorry man but norton is crud you should try AVG or 32 NOD.
jerryaberry 04-16-15 - 12:22 AM
 ... so unless a camcorder video will be allowed my score is unlikely going to count towards the competition.
jerryaberry 04-16-15 - 12:21 AM
 Anyway, I'm using my girlfriend's laptop and Norton security won't let me download any of the video capturing software. I'm not going to force anything on her laptop...
jerryaberry 04-16-15 - 12:17 AM
 I think the replay value is endless actually. It started to get really fun once I mapped out the city and learned how to crazy dash the right way (be in R 1st). You could potentially run out of clients.
sonikku 04-05-15 - 07:09 PM
 You may have seen everything, but have you *done* everything? Crazy Box is great training for the main game if you can figure out the techniques, plus there's the Crazy license to go after.
crackofdon 04-04-15 - 11:55 PM
 like the music for the game,but after an hour of playing this game you've pretty much seen everything but still fun to play every once in awhile
dragonslayer444 02-21-15 - 11:47 AM
 As much fun as you can have with your pants on.
SuperToads 11-22-13 - 08:51 PM
 I think you got the wrong game dude. this is about driving a taxi.
mod7000 07-13-12 - 07:56 AM
 Sonic is charged with saving the world after Dr. Eggman breaks it up in this fast-paced game featuring the custom-tailored "Hedgehog Engine."


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